About Us

The strength of this young and dynamic company is represented by the passion and quality of which Made in Italy work is famous throughout the world.

After the moment of pandemic and economic and social crisis that we have all suffered the consequences of, Smac S.r.l. (company specialized in industrial automation) has decided to get involved, roll up their sleeves and welcome difficulties as opportunities, designing and building the first completely Italian industrial plant for the production of masks.

​From this knowing how to reinvent itself was born Sanintek S.r.l., a company in the medical hygiene sector based in Camisano Vicentino that produces and markets disposable type II surgical masks for hospital environments, also useful for use by private individuals.

PRIMA” is the 100% Italian Sanintek disposable surgical mask.

Why 100% Italian?

  • Because produced by Italian machinery;

  • Because we use Italian materials;

  • Because it is produced in Italy.

By choosing Sanintek, you choose to support not only the Made in Italy production, but also all the small and medium-sized enterprises that have made Italy an excellence in the world.

The first 100% Italian
surgical mask


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Via B. Ferracina n° 34,
Camisano Vicentino, VI 36043